Emmerdale: pregnant Rebecca begs Aaron to dump Robert – here’s what happens next

Is this the end for Robron? Again?


In what has already been a roller coaster week for Robron fans, there were yet more epic emotional scenes in Emmerdale tonight as the boys learned Rebecca White hadn’t had an abortion and was still pregnant with Robert’s baby.


Yesterday’s charged episode in which Robert confessed to Aaron he’d slept with Rebecca while Mr Dingle was in prison ended with Aaron deciding to forgive his husband’s indiscretion, and it seemed the relationship was back on track and stronger than ever.

However, when the guys unwisely laid into Rebecca in the Woolpack for trying to come between them, protective Chrissie blurted out that her sister was still carrying Rob’s bubba, throwing Robron into disarray yet again. It was a double blow for Aaron as he also discovered it wasn’t the first time Robert had got Bex up the duff and insisted she get rid of it.

Aaron struggled to stand by his man but remained determined to keep on forgiving him, while the Woolpack reeled from the revelations – with Lawrence White dumbfounded rascal Robert was fathering his grandchild, and Victoria Barton feeling betrayed pal Bex hadn’t confided the baby she was carrying was going to be her niece or nephew.  

Rebecca and Aaron had a teary confrontation at Home Farm where Ms White denied she was trying to trap Robert and that she was keeping the baby because she wants to be a mum. Turning it around on Aaron, Rebecca warned him that Robert was bad news and that he should leave him – not because she wants Rob for herself, but because she’s genuinely concerned Aaron will end up getting seriously hurt…

Next week, Aaron tries to encourage his other half to step up and face his responsibilities with Rebecca and their baby – but Rebecca is rushed to hospital with stomach pains and starts to fear for her child’s welfare… Is her baby in danger? And will Aaron take Rebecca’s advice or remain at Robert’s side?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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