Hollyoaks: Ryan Knight and Kyle Kelly in shock affair reveal

Ry Ry was in bed with Nancy's gay ex the night Amy died!


Hollyoaks’ Ryan Knight has been having a secret fling with Kyle Kelly – and they were in bed together the night Amy Barnes died. Just when you thought the ‘Who Killed Amy?’ plot couldn’t get any more complicated…


The jaw-dropping reveal came in tonight’s E4 episode, picking up from yesterday’s cliffhanger that Ryan had stolen the Loft’s CCTV footage from the night of Amy’s murder.

Mercedes McQueen confronted her on/off lover as to why he lied about being in the bar by way of an alibi for the killing, and tearful Ry Ry was forced to confess that he stormed off after arguing with his new wife on the night in question – and straight into the arms of someone else.

Mercy comforted the cut-up copper (she’s no stranger to the odd indiscretion) as he wept that if he hadn’t walked out and left his bride on her own he could’ve prevented Amy’s murder, but there was still a question mark over the identity of DS Knight’s conquest.

But that mystery was soon solved as Ryan ran into Kyle, Nancy Osbourne’s gay ex, and it was clear they already knew each other – but Ryan was not happy to see him.

Taking the cocky Mr Kelly by the scruff of the neck and shoving him up the alley, raging Ryan ordered him to stay away – then calm Kyle delivered the big blow that had fans agog: any more threats and he’d tell the world that on the night Amy was murdered, Ryan was sleeping with him!

Kyle appeared defiant he’s not going anywhere and won’t be bossed around, so Ryan better hope he keeps quiet about the guys getting it on.

So that explains Ryan being plagued by phone calls from the shadowy ‘K’ these last few weeks. How long before this huge secret is exposed? And to what lengths will Ryan go to protect his fling with another fella?        


Hollyoaks continues weeknights on E4 at 7pm and on Channel 4 at 6.30pm.