Don’t Tell The Bride is moving channels (again!) from Sky to E4

The show that sees the groom organise the wedding will live to fight another day on another new channel


Don’t Tell The Bride is returning to UK TV screens with 18 new episodes of wedding day drama set to air on E4. 


The show, which began life on BBC3 before moving to BBC1 and then on to Sky1 for just one series, sees grooms handed a wad of cash and free reign to organise their big day. Meanwhile, the bride – who has absolutely no contact with their other half for three weeks – hopes to get their dream wedding.

They usually don’t, but then that’s the point, isn’t it?

“We love making Don’t Tell The Bride and we’re very pleased  that it has a perfect new home on E4,” said Alan Cooke, CEO of Renegade Pictures, who make the programme.

Fans of previous series are in for a treat too as All 4, Channel 4’s on demand service, will host every single episode of series one to five online. 

Many were sad to see the show leave BBC3 back in 2014, with one devout DTTB fan arguing that BBC1’s version was “not the show I fell in love with”

After two series on BBC1 DTTB divorced the public broadcaster for Sky 1, where it seemed sure to have a long and happy union with the promise of 24 episodes over two series. But only six made it to air (we rated every single episode) and now Sky appears to have decided it just wasn’t that into the series, breaking things off due to a change in editorial direction.


Will the show enjoy a fruitful fourth marriage with E4? Only time, and a lot of hapless grooms, will tell.