New Spider-Man trailer reveals there is a LOT more to Spidey’s suit than we realised

Because some heroes don't wear capes. But they do have self-deploying parachutes


With just weeks until Spider-Man: Homecoming slings into cinemas, we’ve got a closer glimpse at Tom Holland’s wall-crawling outfit. And the new trailer shows high-tech tailor Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr) has crammed in Iron Man levels of kick-ass into the Spidey-suit…


Firstly, there’s the web-heads-up display, with “576 possible web-shooter combinations”…


Then, after our tech-friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man is dragged through the night sky by The Vulture (Michael Keaton), we get a (very dark) glimpse of Spidey’s new parachute…


And we’re even gifted a further look at gadgets we’ve already seen, such as the Spider-wings, flying Spider-bot and those adjustable eyes… albeit not functioning faultlessly…


And it’s possible that we’ll see even MORE devices from the electronic arachnid. The trailer also reveals that Stark has disabled some of the suit’s features while Peter Parker is in training. 


We’ll just have to wait to see if our preview of Spider-Man’s gadgets comes before or after the teenage superhero disables this protocol. Either way, consider your Spidey senses tingled.


Spider-man: Homecoming will hit UK cinemas 7th July 2017