Hollyoaks: did Ryan kill Amy? Mercedes finds new evidence

The copper has got something to hide - but what?


Hollyoaks’ murder mystery is hotting up again after tonight’s E4 episode revealed Ryan Knight has stolen CCTV footage from the Loft taken on the night Amy Barnes died – did he kill his own wife?


Acting on suspicions from boyfriend Ste Hay, who is on remand for the crime, Harry Thompson is doing his best Miss Marple as he investigates the possibility that Ryan is actually responsible. As Ry Ry claims he was drinking in the Loft when Ames was attacked, Harry and dad Tony Hutchinson asked club owner Warren Fox for the relevant footage in tonight’s episode.

But it turns out the discs from the night in question have mysteriously gone missing…

Meanwhile, Mercedes McQueen is getting her claws into DS Knight and as the on/off couple met up for another secret liaison at his flat, Mercy was forced to hide when angry Harry turned up asking about the disappearing footage.

Ryan tugged at Harry’s heartstrings as he protested his innocence and claimed to know nothing about why the CCTV might have been tampered with… just as Mercedes spied the missing discs sticking out of Ryan’s coat pocket! 

What will Mercy do next following her shock discovery? Does this prove he killed Amy? If not, what else is he hiding? And could Mercedes be in danger? 


Hollyoaks continues weeknights on E4 at 7pm and on Channel 4 at 6.30pm.