Coronation Street: Shona left for dead in shock attack – is Nathan responsible?

Shona confronts the sinister salon owner - but is later knocked unconscious in an horrific showdown


Shona Ramsey will be knocked unconscious in next week’s Coronation Street after taking on perverted Nathan Curtis. But will she die from her injuries before being able to warn the Platts about Bethany’s fate?


The drama unfolds after Shona realises that Bethany’s so-called boyfriend is the same man who abused her prior to her arrival on the Street. The penny drops after Shona reluctantly agrees to do some hair modelling for David, only for Craig to drop in and confide in her that he doesn’t like Bethany’s boyfriend Nathan, who runs a local tanning salon.


A horrified Shona immediately puts two and two together and hurries out on a mission to confront Nathan and warn him to stay away from Bethany. As the pair argue, Nathan grabs hold of Shona’s wrist, but she manages to pull away before making a run for it.

However, just as Shona is seen attempting to call the police, her phone is knocked from her hand and she’s thrown to the ground, where she lies unconscious. Scenes to be shown on Wednesday 31 May will then find Craig growing increasingly convinced that Nathan is up to no good – but when he heads to the salon, he first finds Shona collapsed in a nearby ginnel.


As Craig phones for an ambulance, little does he realise that Bethany is currently in attendance at one of Nathan’s parties and that her drink has been spiked. As Nathan encourages her to go to the bedroom with three of his mates from whom he’s collected cash, will Bethany comply? And will a bloodied Shona be able to reveal that Bethany is in danger before it’s too late?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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