First look at Daisy Ridley as Ophelia in Shakespeare switch-up

A new version of the Hamlet story makes her doomed lover the main character


Daisy Ridley is moving from the world of Star Wars to a world of star-crossed lovers, with the Force Awakens actress set to take the lead in a reimagining of Shakespeare’s Hamlet that makes lady-in-waiting Ophelia the central character. 


Ridley will play Ophelia alongside Pride’s George MacKay as Prince Hamlet, with the pair’s attraction described as a “forbidden romance” that’s kept secret in the palace.

But with war on the horizon, Ophelia will have to make a choice to keep a dangerous secret – will she protect her lover, or save her life?

The first picture of Ridley as Ophelia has now been released via The Hollywood Reporter (see above), with the costume evoking images of the iconic character throughout history. The story, set in the 14th century but using contemporary language, is based on a book of the same name by Lisa Klein, adapted by Semi Chellas and directed by Claire McCarthy. 


The film will also star Naomi Watts as the Queen, Clive Owen as Hamlet’s uncle Claudius, Tom Felton as Laertes (Ophelia’s younger brother) and Devon Terrell as Hamlet’s friend Horatio.