EastEnders: Max gets a surprise visit from the boss of Weyland – will their plan be revealed?

The Chairman finally comes to Walford


The details of Max Branning’s mysterious plan may finally come to light in this week’s EastEnders when the boss of Weyland & Co arrives in Albert Square to see his accomplice. 


Known only as ‘the Chairman’, the enigmatic figure, played by TV veteran Simon Williams, has only been on screen once before back in January, when he and Max met at the top of the Shard and spoke ominously of what the future held for the Square – despite not revealing exactly what they meant, it definitely didn’t seem very nice.

Finally, after months of Max manipulating half of Walford, including engineering for his own brother Jack to lose custody of stepson Matthew to biological dad Charlie Cotton, the Chairman is back. Is he the true puppet master, making Max do his dirty work?

Turning up unannounced in this Thursday’s episode, the imposing individual has a message to deliver to Max, but what has he got to say and will any of the residents spot them together?

Friday’s episode teased that Max’s former mother-in-law Cora Cross may be in the know about what Mr Branning is up to as she warned Denise Fox against trusting him.

Does the ASBO granny have the scoop on Max’s secret and how Weyland & Co fit in? Could she be the one to expose the scheme?

Watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.


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