Coronation Street: what next for Bethany after her attack on Gary?

The troubled teen is in hiding after tonight's stabbing shock


Coronation Street’s Bethany Platt is on the run and in hiding following a violent outburst in tonight’s episode where she stabbed her mum’s boyfriend. 


The troubled teenager was found drunk and disorientated at her and Nathan’s flat by concerned mum Sarah, who immediately took her back to the Platt house to sober up. 

When Bethany woke she panicked and wanted to get home as soon as possible, knowing her sleazy fiance had invited one of his mates over and she was going to be forced to sleep with him – she also knew that if she wasn’t there when Nathan arrived he would be angry…

But Sarah convinced her daughter to calm down and stay for a chat, and at first it seemed like she was making progress in getting the girl to open up about her relationship.

However, as Sarah and boyfriend Gary refused to let Bethany leave she completely flipped, trashing the front room and smashing glass vases, even scaring little Max who arrived home with David to witness the terrifying tirade.


Running for the door, Gary grabbed Bethany only to be stabbed in the arm with a shard of cut glass, allowing the girl to make her escape.

Searching the area but to no avail, emotional Sarah feared she’d driven her daughter away for good as she feared for her safety under Nathan’s spell.


A terrified Bethany was then seen alone under a bridge, her hands covered in blood as she hid from her family and feared reprisals for ‘letting down’ her boyfriend’s pal…  

Sarah knows there’s something very dodgy about Nathan and of course, she’s not wrong, but her efforts to uncover what’s really going on between the sleazy salon owner and her vulnerable daughter only put Bethany in more danger.

Next week, Sarah goes to the police with her concerns about Nathan’s controlling nature but is completely unaware the copper she confides in is Nathan’s pal Neil, who is part of the sick sex ring himself.

Neil tells Nathan what Sarah’s said, which alienates Bethany from her mother even more.

But who finds Bethany alone and upset under the bridge after tonight’s dramatic ending? And what punishment awaits her from Nathan for disappearing?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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