Emmerdale: Dan arrested for attack on Josh – here’s what happens next

The cops have cuffed Dan, but is he really guilty?


Emmerdale’s Dan Spencer has been arrested for attacking teenage tearaway Josh.


In tonight’s hour-long episode, the bullying schoolboy was found unconscious at the pavilion with a cut on his head by Dan who had arranged to meet Josh and his accomplice Jamie to pay them for the damage young Jacob caused when he trashed their bikes earlier this week.

Dan briefly considered leaving Josh for dead, by way of revenge for the teen’s attack on Pollard at David’s shop and for the threat he made against Dan’s daughter Amelia, which forced Dan to withdraw his statement and allow the lad’s antics to go unpunished.

As an unseen figure watched events unfold from the shadows, Dan eventually called 999 but as the emergency services attended the scene, Mr Spencer immediately found himself under suspicion from the cops despite being the one to raise the alarm.


Girlfriend Kerry was puzzled when she arrived home later and found an edgy Dan washing blood off his hands, and when the police knocked on the door and arrested him for the assault he insisted he didn’t do it.  

As news of the arrest spread around the village, David showed no remorse for Dan as he still hasn’t forgiven him for letting Josh and Jamie escape reprisals for Pollard’s ordeal.

But is Dan really guilty? Surely the shadowy figure watching from the sidelines is the real culprit, but who was it?

Jacob looked jittery when Tracy told him about the attack as it was revealed he’d bunked off school that day, so he could’ve lashed out at his tormentors.  

Next week the story takes another twist when Tracy turns herself in to the police and takes the blame for the attack, planning to use evidence she has on her phone – but after Pollard, David and Kerry get involved, Tracy ends up in a cell.

How long before the true identity of the attacker is confirmed?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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