EastEnders reveals that Max beat Charlie up and framed Jack – what happens next?

Will Jack try to flee the country with the kids as the net closes in?


EastEnders has revealed the next stage in Max Branning’s revenge plan against his own brother Jack.


While viewers are still unaware as to what exactly is motivating Max, he’s certainly not pulling any punches when it comes to separating Jack from young Matthew.

Scenes just broadcast on the BBC1 soap saw Charlie shown covered in cuts and bruises as a result of a beating administered by a leather-gloved Max.


The injuries are now being used as evidence by the police that the fracas between Jack and Charlie in last week’s episodes was more serious than previously thought.

With investigating officers now insisting that Charlie sought hospital treatment following the punch-up, the future is looking bleak for the beleaguered Jack. Max, meanwhile, is smirking away, confident that he’ll now achieve his goals.

As for what happens next: a recent EastEnders trailer seemed to show Jack planning to flee the country with the kids in an effort to keep his family together.


But will Max and Charlie be one step ahead of Jack as he tries to evade the police?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.


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