Coronation Street: Sarah puts Bethany in even more danger next week

Concern for her daughter backfires when she plays straight into evil Nathan's hands


Bethany Platt has virtually become a prisoner of fiance Nathan Curtis, who has groomed the vulnerable teenager girl into becoming part of his sick sex ring, and in next week’s Coronation Street her mum Sarah unwittingly makes things worse.


Distraught after the recent developments in her daughter’s relationship with nasty Nathan, Sarah is beside herself and in next Monday’s episode she phones the police. Back at his flat, Nathan tells sleazy pal Neil – who he forced Bethany to sleep with – that his girlfriend let down one of his clients, and that Neil needs to keep an eye on her.

Meanwhile, Sarah welcomes a police officer in at the Platts’ and tells them the whole gory story of how her daughter’s older, controlling and downright creepy boyfriend has torn the family apart – but guess who the copper is? Neil!

Unaware she’s played right into Nathan and his filthy friend’s hands, Neil reports back to Nathan and Bethany and the younger Ms Platt is fuming at her mother’s interference.

Telling Sarah she wants nothing more to do with her, Bethany remains under Nathan’s spell – but when he suggests they invite Neil and another mate over so Bethany can ‘show her gratitude’, the terrified teen knows only too well what will be expected of her…

Will she continue to agree to Nathan’s disgusting demands? Can anyone save Bethany before it’s too late?  

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