Coronation Street: Sally discovers her sister was her troll

Councillor Metcalfe is stunned by Gina's secret


Sally Metcalfe is stunned when she discovers her sister Gina Seddon was her online troll in next week’s Coronation Street. 


Rosie and Sophie Webster already know the truth about their troubled auntie, having tracked her down weeks ago, but when her stepdaughter Leah explained Gina was in the grip of bipolar disorder and begged the sisters to keep quiet, the secret was safe. 

That was until Gina rocked up on the cobbles out of the blue and started apologising, arousing Sal’s suspicion. Visiting her sibling in seeing her living in squalor, saint Sally invited Gina and Leah to live with her and the family – oblivious that she’d just welcomed her abuser into her home.

Next Wednesday, Gina can’t live with the guilt any longer and finally crumbles, admitting to Sally that she was the one behind the spiteful tweets, sick pranks and animal hearts in the post. Blaming her medication and insisting she had no idea she’d committed such awful acts, Sally is stunned.

But before Sal has a chance to forgive a remorseful Gina, furious Tim drives his sister-in-law away. On Friday the family search for their missing relative, and Tim is the one who finds her alone by a demolished house – will he give her another chance? Has Gina’s condition taken hold? And is there more to all this than meets the eye?

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