Hollyoaks: Yasmine collapses – will she die?

Horror for the Hollyoaks teens in a dramatic fight for life


Hollyoaks has teased a dramatic storyline for newcomer Yasmine Maalik when the teenager collapses on the way to a party with her friends – what’s wrong with her? 


The gobby schoolgirl has been hiding something since the minute she appeared, her brash outward behaviour masking some kind of secret she’s been keen to keep quiet about. When Peri Lomax questioned why Yas had left her last school she was strangely shifty and told Pez she wasn’t prepared to discuss it, but fans were left feeling there was something in Ms Maalik’s past that is haunting her.

In Friday’s E4 episode, Yasmine and Prince convince Tom Cunningham to drive them to a party nearby. With not much experience behind the wheel (and nearly running over Kyle Kelly recently), Tom is reluctant but eventually agrees, and along with Alfie Nightingale and Lily Drinkwell the teens head off for a night out.


But the evening takes a dramatic turn when Yasmine starts having chest pains. With her reputation for attention-seeking the gang think she’s faking it, but then she collapses and slumps against the car door.

What’s wrong with Yasmine? Can her friends help her? Is the collapse linked to her big secret? We know we’re soon to meet the rest of her family, will their imminent introduction shed more light on the situation?


Hollyoaks continues weeknights on E4 at 7pm and on Channel 4 at 6.30pm.