Hollyoaks: forbidden passion for Hunter and Neeta next week

The schoolboy tries to kiss his teacher, how will she respond?


Hunter McQueen is very keen on teacher Neeta Kaur, and in next week’s Hollyoaks he plans a candlelit dinner for two and goes in for a kiss – are these two headed for an extra-curricular affair?


Lovestruck teen Hunter has harboured a crush on Miss Kaur for months, and in this Friday’s E4 episode he makes his move and tries to lock lips with his tutor after she steals a cake for his and twin brother Prince’s birthday.

Mortified at misreading the signals after Neeta backs off, Hunter begs her to keep his inappropriate behaviour to himself but panics when he sees her talking to best pal and boss Sally St Claire. Has she told the school’s headteacher about the predatory pupil’s forbidden desires for a member of the faculty?

Luckily (but stupidly), Neeta agrees to stay silent for now, but that only fuels the lad’s lust, and in Tuesday’s E4 episode he steals keys to Neeta’s flat and surprises her with a candlelit meal and flowers.

Having obviously not got the message, will Neeta nip this in the bud and break Hunter’s heart to protect her career? Could his obsession spiral out of control? And does she secretly harbour feelings for the teen that a teacher really shouldn’t have?


Hollyoaks continues weeknights on E4 at 7pm and on Channel 4 at 6.30pm.