Emmerdale: Carly’s ex-boyfriend Matt arrives – who is actor Jack Hickey?

"Matt is a grieving dad and he and Carly have a complicated and dark history," says the soap's latest star


There’s a new arrival on Emmerdale tonight when Carly’s ex-boyfriend Matt makes his debut – and immediately gets involved in a fight.


Matt will be seen venting his anger at Carly for not letting him know about baby Billy’s death, while she maintains that she didn’t because he’d already abandoned them.

But as the pair release their pent-up emotions, Marlon turns up and is riled to see Carly distressed. As Marlon bundles Matt put of the pub, the Woolpack chef ends up getting punched to the floor, all of which leaves Carly feeling wretched.

For viewers wondering, the character of Matt is played by Irish actor Jack Hickey, best known for playing the role of a junior inspector in Penny Dreadful and as Rory McCleod in the short-lived ITV drama Jericho. He has also made guest appearances in Game of Thrones (as Young Braavosi) and in Vikings.

Speaking about what Matt’s arrival in Emmerdale means for Carly, Hickey recently told the Irish Daily Star: “The storyline is a heartbreaking one. Matt is a grieving dad and he and Carly have a complicated and dark history.

“And it’s safe to say he comes back to confront her on several levels. Obviously Carlyhas been through this harrowing ordeal of losing a baby so his arrival causes a huge emotional storm for her.”

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