EastEnders: Max confronts Charlie after Jack’s attack

Will he reveal where his loyalties lie?


Max Branning confronts Charlie Cotton in tomorrow night’s EastEnders, following Jack’s brutal attack. 


As tension between Charlie and Jack over custody of little Matthew exploded on Friday, resulting in Jack punching his stepson’s biological dad, it looks like any diplomatic mediation between the men over the kid’s future is out the window. 

Max has his own agenda to get Matthew away from Jack, but his brother bashing his rival in the face may mean his mysterious plan could fall apart. 

In Monday’s episode Max decides to visit Charlie himself – but what does he want? Has he secretly been working with Charlie all along? Will he reveal why he wants Matthew away from Jack? And how far will the conniving businessman go to get what he wants?

Max’s motive remains murky, and it remains to be seen what Charlie’s next move is, so perhaps tomorrow’s showdown will shed some light on the storyline.

What we do know, thanks to the recent EastEnders trailer, is that Jack faces criminal charges for attacking Charlie, and contemplates escaping the country with Matthew, Amy and Ricky – so Max’s chat with Charlie should make for very interesting viewing… 

Watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.


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