Home and Away: Brody busted by the cops as he admits drug habit

Will a brush with the law straighten Brody out or put him in prison?


Troubled Brody Morgan’s drug habit continues to spiral out of control in upcoming episodes of Home and Away, as he ends up in a dramatic car chase with the cops after his latest drug deal.


So far bearded buff Bay boy Brody has managed to hide the extent of his recreational habit a secret, but the game is nearly up when his nose starts bleeding in front of his brother Mason following another night of heavy partying. 

Fobbing off his family yet again, Brody then plans to meet his dealer in nearby Yabbie Creek, but after the drop off events takes a dangerous turn when he runs into little sister Raffy in the town and she hops in the car to blag a lift back to Summer Bay, unaware Brody’s hiding drugs in his pocket. 

On the way home Brody flies into a panic – not only is he desperate for his hit having been interrupted by Raffy, copper Kat is doing random breathalyser tests on the road back into the Bay… Knowing if he’s stopped and has to submit to the test it’ll show positive for drug use, Brody swerves the car and drives off, lying to a suspicious Raffy he’s forgotten his wallet.

A police chase ensues and Brody is soon at the station being questioned and tested. Luckily for him the test comes back negative, but when Justin confronts his stressed sibling later and demands to know what’s really going on, Brody breaks down and comes clean about everything.

Vowing to his big brother the encounter with the cops was a wake-up call, and he hates himself for putting his own sister in danger, Brody says he’s done with drugs and is ready to clean up his act.

Justin is relieved and the blokes hug it out, but is this really the end of Brody’s substance abuse problems?


Home and Away airs these episodes on Monday 22 and Tuesday 23 May on Channel 5 at 1.15pm and 6pm.