Home and Away: Ash wants custody of baby Luc

Will Kat support the idea? And what about Irene and VJ?


The tug of love over baby Luc takes a twist next week when Ash applies for custody of his niece – branding granny Irene unfit to look after the little girl.


The Home and Away hunk is not happy that Luc is being passed around like a tin of biccies after the tragic death of her mother, and Ash’s sister, Billie. Between stepdad VJ and his mum Leah, and grandma Irene, Ash reckons the lack of stability could cause problems.

When Ash and brother Patrick collect Luc from Irene’s and take her to the beach, the tot gets sick and develops a fever, eventually ending up in hospital on a drip after Dr Tori expresses concern that she’s dehydrated. Even though she’s just picked up a bug, Ash immediately overreacts that Irene didn’t spot Luc was unwell and accuses her of being not fit to look after her. Patrick tries to calm him down but Ash’s mind is made up – he’s applying for full custody. 

Telling a stunned Kat what he’s done, Ash begs his copper lover to support him – he stands a better chance of getting custody if he can provide a stable environment for Luc, and that means the three of them becoming a ready-made family. 

Kat is hesitant but is eventually persuaded by Ash’s passion to be a parent to the orphaned kiddy, but it’s clear she’s not completely sold on the idea yet. 

Meanwhile, Irene, VJ and Leah get super legal eagle Morag Bellingham on the case. She declares Ash’s chances of taking Luc are slim, but VJ panics when he realises his name is not on her birth certificate and the paperwork for his marriage to Billie was never completed as Billie tragically died before she could sign it – which means VJ has no legal rights to Luc…

So Ash being a blood relative to the child certainly helps his case, but Irene is also related as her evil son Mick is Luc’s real father. As the custody battle hots up, who will be left holding the baby and who will end up heartbroken?


Home and Away airs these episodes on Wednesday 24 and Thursday 25 May on Channel 5 at 1.15pm and 6pm.