EastEnders: Jack punches Charlie – what happens next?

His anger will have huge consequences over the coming weeks


Jack Branning lashed out at arch-enemy Charlie Cotton in tonight’s EastEnders, but his anger will have big repercussions – and sneaky Max is STILL pulling the strings. 


Simmering with rage, Jack glared at Charlie as they circled each other for the whole instalment following Mr Branning’s discovery last night that Charlie intended to fight for custody of son Matthew and take him back to Ireland.


Meeting with a solicitor to discuss the case didn’t exactly fill Jack with hope, and the more booze he necked in the Vic as the community gathered for little Ollie Carter’s birthday the more angry he became.

Confronting Charlie as he left the Minute Mart, the tension between the two macho fellas finally erupted into violence as the callous Cotton made cruel remarks about dead Ronnie – Jack could take it no more and he punched Charlie, knocking him to the ground in broad daylight with plenty of witnesses around (Shrimpy saw everything). That’s not going to do his custody case much good…


And who was hiding around the corner seemingly waiting for Jack to throw the first punch before he intervened? Max, of course. Quite why he’s interfering in his own brother’s life and making it easier for Charlie to take Matthew from him remains a mystery, but his actions tonight further confirm that Max has it in for Jack.

The new EastEnders trailer shows Jack in a prison cell, so Charlie must decide to press charges against his rival, and also shows scenes of Jack preparing to flee the country with Matthew, Amy and Ricky.

It appears Jack’s act of aggression has started a chain of events that is not going to end well…  

Watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.


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