Coronation Street: overdose horror for Leanne’s baby – what happens next?

Steve nearly killed his own child, and there's going to be huge repercussions...


Baby Oliver was fighting for his life in tonight’s Coronation Street after mistakenly being given an overdose by dad Steve McDonald. 


Frantic when her son wouldn’t wake up, Leanne Battersby and partner Nick Tilsley rushed the tot to hospital during tonight’s dramatic double bill of cobbles action.

Oli had spent the day at the beach with his daddy who gave the grizzly kid some medicine when he developed a high temperature – but Steve was unaware Leanne had already been treating a rash he’d developed with some other medication, and shortly after dropping his little boy back home it was clear something wasn’t right.

As Steve dashed to the hospital to join worried Leanne and Nick, the fractious co-parents realised in horror that Oliver had effectively been given an overdose by his own father. As doctors worked out the mix-up of meds explained everything, they reassured the Battersby/McDonald/Tilsley contingent that Oliver was going to be fine and there would be no lasting damage from the adverse effects of the medication.

But it was a lesson in communication for all three and as Leanne placated mortified Steve that this was just an accident, and the parents vowed to put any pettiness aside in future and properly discuss the welfare of their son (about time too), Nick seethed with jealousy and rage towards his rival.

It was already an emotional day for Steve as it was the due date for Ruairi, the son he and Michelle tragically lost through early miscarriage back in January. Following an earlier confrontation with Michelle he confessed to Leanne that being in the hospital brought back painful memories. Meanwhile, Nick vented at little brother David and practically accused Steve of deliberately overdosing Oliver – even dastardly Dave thought that was too harsh.

Next week, Nick’s paranoia over Steve threatens to spiral out of control – on Monday he books a naming ceremony for Oliver and invites Mr McDonald through gritted teeth, making it clear he’d rather he wasn’t there. Nasty Nick’s plan works as Steve declines – much to Leanne’s disappointment.

But Liz is livid that she’s not been invited to the ceremony and on Wednesday she drags Steve to the bistro where the family are gathered to have it out with Leanne. A furious showdown ensues, but Nick is nowhere to be seen. David eventually finds his big brother drunk and alone, having abandoned Leanne leaving her to pick up the pieces of his paranoid manipulation of the McDonalds.

How far will Nick go in his bitter quest to cut Steve out of Oliver and Leanne’s life?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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