Coronation Street: David tries to kiss Shona – what happens next?

As if that wasn't awkward enough, Gail's offered her money to leave Weatherfield...


Coronation Street fans thought Shona Ramsey was finally about to tell David Platt that her son is Kylie’s killer in tonight’s episode, only to be thrown a massive curveball when drunk Dave tried to kiss the cafe worker! 


As news that a fight in prison had put Clayton Hibbs’s life in danger spread around the street, David hit the bottle as memories of his wife’s murder came flooding back. Taking pity on him, for obvious reasons, Shona saved a hammered David from almost getting run over by Eileen Grimshaw on a driving lesson (if that woman ever passes her test you’d be well advised to stay off the roads) as he left the Rovers.

Attempting to sober him up at home, devastated David broke down to shocked Shona as he admitted he can never forgive Clayton for the fatal stabbing that cost Kylie’s life.

Realising there was going to be no easy time to tell her neighbour she’s been hiding the fact she’s Clayton’s mum, Shona was about to reveal all when the pickled Platt leaned in for a kiss.

Adding to the awks atmosphere, Gail then got home which thankfully put a stop to any lip locking (though Shona was having none of it) but also prevented Shona for coming clean to the grieving widower.

Later, out of earshot from David, Gail was adamant that her son must never find out Shona’s big secret and stunned her by producing £400 in cash and demanding she take it and leave Weatherfield forever.

In next Monday’s episode, it appears Shona has decided to take the money and run as she lies to Roy and the Grimshaws that she’s got a new job and is moving away from the area.

But will she go through with it? She seems determined to be honest with David, despite Gail’s views. Will Shona be driven from the cobbles and take her secret with her? Surely it’s only a matter of time before David discovers the truth somehow…

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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