Coronation Street: baby agony for Toyah as pregnancy test is negative – what happens next?

Her secret IVF has failed, but will she tell Peter she went behind his back for more treatment?


Toyah Battersby’s baby hopes were dashed again in tonight’s Coronation Street, as yet another pregnancy test came back negative. But boyfriend Peter Barlow still doesn’t know she’s undergone another round of IVF as she did it in secret – can she confide in him and risk a rift in their relationship?


Having agreed to put the baby making on hold while the investigation into Ken’s attack was still going on (read our list of final suspects here), Toyah’s desperation to be a mum took over and she went through with the pre-booked fertility treatment despite telling Peter she’d cancel it.

In tonight’s episode, she sneakily took a pregnancy test and waited to see if the IVF had been successful. Sadly for our Toyah, it clearly wasn’t good news and she ended up confiding in arch enemy Eva Price of all people that she wasn’t preggers with Peter’s kiddy and had gone behind his back for the treatment.

Avoiding the oblivious Barlow for the rest of the episode as she slept off the bottle of vino she downed during her heart-to-heart with Eva (and it was nice seeing these two not shouting at each other in another tiresome game of ‘Who’s Leanne’s Best Sister?’ for a change), Toyah is forced to come clean to Peter on Monday when he calls the clinic to book another appointment and discovers her deceit.

How will Toyah explain herself, and will she reveal to Peter whether the IVF was successful or not?

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