Emmerdale: Rhona refuses to report Pierce’s rape despite confession to Vanessa – what happens next?

The traumatised vet suffered a relapse in her painkiller addiction after revealing all


Emmerdale’s Rhona Goskirk still refuses to report her husband’s rape, despite confiding in best friend Vanessa about her ordeal. 


In the second of tonight’s double slice of Dales drama, Rhona broke down as she discussed the attack for the first time. Revealing to Vanessa the full extent of Pierce’s manipulation throughout their relationship, culminating in the brutal assault on their wedding day, Rhona recounted his jealousy and controlling nature and blamed herself for letting the attack happen.

Supportive Vanessa assured her friend this was not her fault, but was stunned when Rhona admitted she had not reported the incident and had walked out of the referral centre without naming Pierce. Despite Vanessa’s pleas Rhona still refused to go to the police, insisting she wanted to bury the hideous memory and never think about Pierce again. 

Immediately wanting to confront Pierce herself and make him confess, Vanessa reluctantly ended up agreeing to respect Rhona’s wishes and let her temporarily move in so she didn’t have to return to the house where the attack took place.

But the confession caused Rhona to relapse back into her painkiller addiction, as she secretly swallowed pills at the end of the episode…

Next week, Rhona’s drug taking is discovered and she leaves the village to enter rehab, leaving son Leo behind. Can she beat her addiction demons and finally get to the point where she does report Pierce’s rape? Now Vanessa knows, will she be the one to tell the authorities? And how long before Pierce himself returns to Emmerdale?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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