Coronation Street: who pushed Ken Barlow? Final 3 suspects line up

Who still looks guilty as the cops close in on Ken's attacker?


The mystery of who pushed Ken Barlow down the stairs continues in Coronation Street, with the field narrowing down to half the original line-up of suspects. 


This week, Tracy Barlow and daughter Amy have seemingly both been ruled out of clobbering the cobbles veteran and leaving him for dead back in March, after Pat Phelan’s alibi checked out and Peter Barlow’s alibi lied through her teeth to the cops – but viewers know he was with stalker Chloe and couldn’t have done it.  

In tonight’s episode, Ken appeared to start remembering events from that fateful night during a visit to Tracy in prison (she may be innocent of trying to kill her dad but harbouring killer Rob Donovan and wasting police time hasn’t gone down very well with the boys in blue) – will his memory be fully restored soon revealing the identity of his assailant?

Unless Corrie bosses are bluffing and it ends up being a character we thought had been ruled out, or someone else entirely (Or Eccles the dog), by our reckoning it has to be one of these three…


Adam looked very guilty early on, as he reappeared on the street on the night of the attack after being run out of town by granddad Ken for drug dealing. Forensic evidence puts him at the scene around the time of the attack, despite initially lying he was out of the country, but the suave Scot insists he’s innocent and even convinced the family that Tracy was the one with something to hide. Making out her interest in Ken’s will gave her motive, could Adam have been trying to cover his own tracks by pinning the blame on easy target Trace? He’s still in the running if only because he wears black like baddies always do.    


Daniel’s gormless girlfriend got drunk and maudlin on the night in question after callous Ken pushed her into having an abortion so she didn’t trap his brainbox son into a life of domestic drudgery and unfulfilled potential – like Deirdre did with Ken himself. Smashed Sinead was seen ranting outside the Barlow house (but where did she go after that?), and in the aftermath of the incident told her Auntie Beth she wished Ken had died, but is yet to be properly grilled by the cops. Meek Sinead looked the least likely culprit at the start, but she’s been suspiciously quiet of late – is that so the other characters can be discounted in turn before the spotlight turns back on the ditzy factory worker?  


Sharing a motive with Sinead in that he also blames Ken for the loss of  their child keeps Daniel in the frame, but there are other things niggling us: does he have a proper alibi? What about that fiery temper we witnessed when he kept smacking Chesney? Do we really know what happened to his missing mum Denise? The news that Denise Black is reprising her role as Daniel’s estranged parent means that mystery could soon be solved, but the character’s general creepiness and air of emotional turmoil means we’re not counting him out quite yet. 

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