Everyone is talking about Spider-Man star Tom Holland’s performance on Lip Sync Battle

The 20-year-old actor’s superhuman moves to Umbrella are better than Rihanna's


There’s performances on Lip Sync Battle…and then there’s Tom Holland doing Rihanna on Lip Sync Battle.


After starting with a bit of Singin’ in the Rain, Tom dashed behind some umbrellas before emerging in a very skimpy black outfit.

He then gave a performance that was arguably more sexy, energetic and inventive than Rihanna’s. Seriously, have a look below:

We told you. It’s no secret that the British actor and Spider-Man: Homecoming star can dance as he used to play Billy Elliot in the West End, but we didn’t know he could dance like THIS.

Kudos for the real rain and the incredible pins. We’re sure RiRi will be jealous when she sees this. 


And while the lady herself is yet to officially respond, plenty of other celebs have been going wild for Holland on Twitter, including his opponent Zendaya…