Up Late with Rylan won’t be coming back for a second series

Rylan Clark-Neal’s chat show hasn’t been recommissioned, Channel 5 confirms


When we had a chat with Rylan Clark-Neal recently, he told us that Up Late with Rylan would definitely be back for more.


Sadly, it isn’t to be. Channel 5 have now confirmed that the chat show won’t be coming back for a second series.

Up Late with Rylan aired in May last year and featured celebrities including Emilia Fox, Linda Robson, Mel B and Ronan Keating as guests alongside music performances and silly games.

“Up Late with Rylan ran as part of Channel 5’s Summer of Entertainment and Comedy event last year,” a spokesperson for C5 told RadioTimes.com. “Rylan is a great talent and we look forward to exploring new formats with him in the future.”

Channel 5 were also keen to stress that the show hadn’t been axed, as it was only commissioned for one series and aired its full run.

“It will come back. Maybe a little bit differently,” Rylan told RadioTimes.com recently. “It’s just about fitting it in. I really enjoyed it and the whole series of Up Late with Rylan was one big pilot. It was to go ‘Do we want to do this? Do I want to do this? And what can we get away with?’

“And I think the first week of the show we didn’t know what it was, but by the end of it we really did make a good hour-long chat show which was fun, well-produced and it looked good.”


Channel 5 doesn’t appear to agree!