The final Wonder Woman trailer reveals the film’s real villains

The identity of the woman in the mask is revealed and we get our first proper look at David Thewlis's big baddie


With just weeks to go until Wonder Woman hits cinema screens, the final trailer for the upcoming DC superhero film has shed some light on the identity of one of the movie’s key villains.


While fans of the DC comic will know the masked woman (who has appeared briefly in other footage) well, newcomers were finally introduced to Doctor Poison, a rather dangerous lady indeed.

The character, originally known as Princess Maru, was a Nazi spy who caused absolute havoc in the US Army. Doctor Poison contaminated their water supply with a drug called ‘reverso’, which caused them to become confused and do the exact opposite of what their superiors told them.

Doctor Poison isn’t the film’s only villain though. Ares, the God of War, is Wonder Woman’s big bad. And you can see him hiding in plain sight in the form of David Thewlis around the 1 minute 38 mark.

Ares looks rather human when he takes the form of Sir Patrick Morgan. Perhaps he’s a bit like Thewlis’s Harry Potter character, Remus Lupin, who changed form in the light of a full moon?


Wonder Woman opens in UK cinemas on 2nd June