EastEnders: what is Max’s proposition for Charlie?

Is Max set to steal Matthew away from Jack?


EastEnders’s master manipulator Max Branning looks set to betray his own brother Jack by colluding with recent returnee Charlie Cotton. But what exactly is his plan?


A cliffhanger scene just broadcast on the BBC1 soap saw Max corner Charlie in the Square and tell him that he had “a proposition”, presumably one concerning the future care of young Matthew.

This evening’s episode saw Max reveal that he’d convinced Dot to call Charlie, who – since being hounded out of town in September 2015 – has apparently been living in Galway with new wife Les.


Claiming that he hadn’t received Dot’s messages about Ronnie’s death until now, Charlie is insisting that this is the first opportunity he’s had to reach out to biological son Matthew.

For his part, Jack is in need of help, which Charlie is only too happy to provide, having now suggested that Matthew have a sleepover with him and Dot.


But, behind the scenes, Max is lacing every exchange with Jack with subtle poison about his inability to cope with his current family set-up.

With Max having already been accused by Glenda of being the Square’s puppetmaster in chief, it can surely only be a matter of time before he permanently parts Jack from Matthew? 

So will Max now scheme to make Jack look like a terrible parent – perhaps by organising an accident? Will Charlie end up paying Max to ensure that he ends up with custody of Matthew? Is Max going to snatch Matthew and deliver him to Charlie? Or will there be an altogether more terrible twist to the upcoming drama?


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