Emmerdale: Arthur watches Ashley and Emma’s video – but does he realise what he’s seen?

Is Emma's guilty secret set to be exposed?


Young Arthur Thomas has glimpsed incriminatory home video footage that spotlights Emma Barton’s guilt – but does he understand what he’s witnessed?


As Emmerdale fans know, Emma’s efforts to bamboozle Ashley were caught on camera in November last year. The deranged Barton matriarch was trying to make an ailing Ashley forget about having witnessed her causing the multi-car pile-up that ended up claiming the life of her former husband James.

With the video having remained in a drawer up until tonight’s episode, it finally seemed that Emma was going to be found out after the Thomas family sat down to watch it.

But just as the key part of the tape came on screen, Arthur’s missing hamster Rattles chose that moment to make an appearance, distracting Laurel and Doug in the process.


Only Arthur saw the relevant confrontation, but viewers have yet to discover whether Arthur has grasped its significance.

As Laurel made the comment that “nobody can hide forever” (referencing Rattles, of course!), fans were left hoping that Emma too wouldn’t be evading exposure for too much longer.

Show boss Iain MacLeod has hinted recently that a storyline tied to the Ashley and Emma video would be keeping actress Charlotte Bellamy [Laurel] busy over the summer months.


Said MacLeod: “One of the things I was conscious of when Ashley died and John Middleton left that we didn’t end up in a situation where Charlotte Bellamy is just drumming her fingers and wondering where her next story is coming from, so I’m pleased to report she’ll be busy!”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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