Neighbours: who caused the crash? 7 suspects revealed

Suspicion is rife on Ramsay Street, so who was the wheel of that ute?


Neighbours has aired the aftermath of the shock hostel crash, and the mystery of who caused it just got a whole lot deeper.


Amy’s ute backed into the Erinsborough Backpackers hostel, causing carnage as it smashed through reception trapping Piper Willis and David Tanaka. As the emergency services sped to the scene, it soon became clear this was no accident – the vehicle was driven deliberately into the building. What we don’t know is who was behind the wheel…

Several suspects became clear in today’s dramatic episode, which focused on the fallout of the disaster. A mixture of murky motives and explosive emotions put these seven characters firmly in the frame – but which one is guilty of the damage and destruction?


The prime – and most obvious – suspect. It was Amy’s ute that wrecked the reception area of the hostel, and she was last seen sitting at the wheel in tears after an emotional showdown with Leo Tanaka over their complicated relationship (lovers? Siblings? Who knows?). Minutes later the crash occurred, but Amy claims she got out of the truck and went for a walk before filing cabinets started falling on people. Everyone thinks she’s looking guilty, and today’s cliffhanger saw Amy go back to the crash site and make a call to Father Jack as she was urging to confess something… Surely it would be too easy if it was Amy though?     


Steph Scully deduced stressed Son had the hangover from hell in today’s episode and didn’t believe her frazzled friend that she hadn’t been drinking the night before. But a horrifying realisation dawned on Ms Scully when Sonya slipped up saying she got home early that morning, not late the previous night as she’d originally claimed. The crash happened at around 7am – did sozzled Sonya stumble by the hostel on her way back to the house having been on an all-night booze bender? And what’s with those cuts on her face? 


The wild card in the pack is Shane and Dipi’s teenage daughter. Prior to the crash she boasted to Jimmy and Kirsha how she’d been driving trucks since the age of 9 back on the old Rebecchi family farm, and sat in the drivers’ seat teasing she could start the motor and roar down the road if she wanted to. Then on the morning of the disaster, she was seen sneaking around outside – and sheepishly turned up at the coffee shop just after the incident suspiciously covered in mud… Not only that, but she returned to the scene of the crime and eyeballed Amy – what’s all that about?  


Tyler Brennan was quick to blame the Canadian backpacker to cop brother Mark today, and he could be on to something. Toxic T-Bone harassed poor Piper and got very aggressive when she rejected his advances. Tyler dished out some tough talk to drive T-Bone away from Erinsborough, so perhaps the lad returned to exact some kind of revenge that got out of hand? Does anyone actually know where the sleazy guy got to?  


An outside bet, but he was at the hostel when the crash took place and we don’t know his exact whereabouts at the precise moment of impact. Super cop Mark Brennan challenged Mr Tanaka today that he could’ve been behind this whole thing as part of some elaborate insurance scam which really rattled his cage. Could that explain his desperation to pint it on Amy – to cover his guilty tracks for almost killing his brother?  


A long shot, but Toad was in a foul mood the day before the crash having had a major bust up with lawyers over the Sonya’s divorce demands, and a big argument with his friend Aaron Brennan, and we’re not totally sure where he was when it all happened. He’s been in bits for months what with the fake Dee saga, thinking he had a teenage daughter, losing a baby with Sonya, then seeing her turn to Mark and is now on the verge of a bitter custody battle for little Nell – did Toad momentarily lose the plot?  


We don’t know much about newcomer Mishti, Dipi’s younger sister, but she was at the backpackers’ and witnessed Leo and Amy’s argument – which was actually about her. An intriguing conversation with Dipi in today’s episode where she confessed the crash had “brought back bad memories” has got us thinking – the enigmatic Ms Sharma obviously has some sort of trauma in her past, as yet unexplained, and she looked shaken up by jealous Amy’s rant at her and Leo. How do we know Mishti didn’t have some kind of PTSD meltdown and get in the ute?   


Neighbours continues weekdays on Channel 5 at 1.45pm and 5.30pm.