Coronation Street: Michelle clashes with Steve as baby Oliver is rushed to hospital

Emotions run high on the cobbles next week


The tricky situation between Leanne, Nick, Steve and Michelle gets even more complicated in Coronation Street next week – with potentially life-threatening consequences for baby Oliver. 


Michelle is struggling as the date Ruairi was due to be born looms, bringing memories of her devastating early miscarriage flooding back. But on Friday, the day their son should’ve been welcomed into the world, ‘Chelle is shocked that Steve is taking little Oliver to the beach – where they scattered Ruairi’s ashes just a few months ago. 

Irate at her ex’s insensitivity, Michelle gives it to Mr McDonald both barrels in an explosive confrontation outside the Rovers. As Steve hands Oliver back to Leanne (who wisely keeps out of the big barney), a shaken Michelle storms off having unleashed her rage, with new man Robert in hot pursuit. 

But the drama doesn’t end for Leanne when she gets home as her baby boy falls unconscious. The panicking parent tells Nick to call an ambulance and the concerned couple are soon at the hospital.

Handing Oliver to the nurses, Leanne is beside herself with worry at the state of her son’s health. What has caused the sudden unconsciousness? 

When she demands Nick call Steve to tell him, Mr Tilsley is forced to put his dislike of his rival to one side as they anxiously await news about Oliver. What’s wrong with Leanne and Steve’s little one?


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