The Island goes all Big Brother as contestants take matters into their own hands

Um, WHAT just happened?!


The Island is not Big Brother. It doesn’t have evictions. There is no weekly vote to see who leaves. Which makes what happened this week all the more extraordinary…


For the first time ever, the Islanders took it into their own hands and organised a vote just so they could get rid of one of their number, 50-year-old cameraman Phil Coates.

With six votes to nine, Phil was given his marching orders by the rest of the group. It all seemed a bit much since all we’d actually seen him do was walk around with his bits flapping about, hog the fire and waste some cooking oil. Hardly crimes of the century.


After Phil left Jane in tears about his fire debacle and generally annoyed Karen, it was Jane who called a meeting and instigated her plan for a vote using rocks, a mug and hammock.

Karen called Phil “a disgrace to mankind” (a bit much, no?) while he thought the whole thing was like a “flogging and hanging situation”. Meanwhile, Jacqui compared the ordeal to Lord of the Flies and Jordan branded it all plain wrong.

Despite being voted off, Phil remained remarkably calm and level-headed about the incident. He said: “Human nature is quite an extraordinary thing, and what I just witnessed was quite extraordinary” before he gave quite an emotional and heartfelt goodbye to everyone.

To which Karen retorted: “I don’t want to listen to his s**t. It’s like a f**king War and Peace speech. You’ve been a s**t, f**k off.” We take it she’s going to miss him then.  

Bear says this is the first time we’ve actually seen a group do this.


And as the survival expert insightfully concluded: “Sometimes peer pressure can overwhelm a situation. Then right or wrong, they have to live or die by that decision and they have to live with themselves.”

Seeing as all of the islanders are currently suffering severe malnutrition, maybe Phil was lucky they decided to turf him off the island rather than eat him. That really would have been a step too far – even for Channel 4.


The Island with Bear Grylls continues Mondays at 9pm on Channel 4