Emmerdale: Ross Barton is shot by Moira – here’s what happens next

Charity knows what cattle rustler Ross is up to - and wants a piece of the action


Angsty Mira Barton has been getting trigger happy on tonight’s Emmerdale, taking aim after hearing a noise in her barn – and shooting Ross in the process.


Moira is so far unaware that she’s wounded Ross, thinking merely that she’s frightened some chickens. But little does she know that Ross is currently picking shotgun pellets out of his shoulder and that he is actually the one who has been stealing cattle from Butlers Farm.


This evening’s episode ended with wily Charity overhearing Ross making a deal, the look on her face suggesting that she knows exactly what he’s up to. And sure enough, Tuesday’s visit to Emmerdale will see her wanting a piece of the action.

“In typical Charity style, she works out what Ross is up to and wants a cut of the profits,” reveals actor Michael Parr, who plays bad boy Ross. “They do work brilliantly together. Ross does the heavy stuff, while she creates diversions. He likes having a tough woman by his side, just as long as he remains the boss.”


Viewers will see Charity distracting people’s attention while Ross rounds up the cows. But an unexpected complication comes in the form of Sarah, who is out on the fields searching for Debbie. Adds Parr:

“Sarah twists her ankle and falls over, so Ross is torn when he sees her. He’s desperate to get out of there and not be found, but he does have a softer side too. We’ll have to wait and see whether he does the right thing…”



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