Home and Away: Brody’s drug habit is exposed next week

Bad girl Lena tempts Brody over to the dark side...


Home and Away’s Brody Morgan sinks deeper into a murky world of drugs in upcoming episodes, leading to a confrontation with big brother Justin.


Nervous of a restaurant critic’s imminent arrival at Salt, waitress Lena offers the manic Mr Morgan a little something to take the edge off – and it works a treat. Perhaps a little too well…

Greeting the reviewer, Brody is all over the place as he gabbles on with a crazed grin on his face, then turns aggressive when he’s offered some constructive criticism – causing the reviewer to make his excuses and leave.

Justin demands to know what’s going on and Brody storms off in a strop. Later he lays into Lena for convincing him to have a little ‘pick-me-up’, which appears to have had the opposite effect on trying to drum up business.

But lusty Lena manages to soothe the stressed chef and they share a kiss – as suspicious Justin snoops in the storeroom and finds an empty drug baggie…


Confronting Brody the next day, Justin tells him to sack Lena and ditch the drugs but his deceitful sibling denies everything and even defends naughty Lena. Justin can’t believe Brody’s been drawn into this world, considering what happened to their parents, but eventually Brody agrees to clean up his act and drop Lena. 

But behind Justin’s back, Brody is straight on the blower to his dealer arranging to get his hands on more illegal substances… Can anyone save Brody before it’s too late? 


Home and Away airs these episodes on Wednesday 10 and Thursday 11 May on Channel 5 at 1.15pm and 6pm.