Emmerdale: a sexy new Dingle man is on the way!

Are we about to meet the new Cain? Or his long-lost handsome younger brother?


Emmerdale have a teased a new face linked to the Dingle family is waiting in the wings and descends on the village this autumn. And because it’s the Dingles, you can expect danger – and apparently more than a hint of sizzling sex appeal…


Teasing the yet-to-be-cast character, show boss Iain MacLeod revealed he is part of an exciting major new storyline currently being planned for the dodgiest dynasty of the Dales.

“There’s a big story ahead, kicking off around September, rooted in the Dingle family that will require a sexy young thing to appear – but I can’t say too much more just yet other than we’re looking for a new, sexy, brooding male lead.”

Who could this newcomer be? MacLeod’s description immediately brings to mind a young Cain or Aaron type rather than another Sam or Zak… Such is the complex nature of the Dingle family tree there are endless long-lost relatives who could turn up and slot into the show, so prepare yourselves for a secret son/brother/cousin to arrive at Wishing Well Cottage.

Our money is on an estranged son for flighty Faith Dingle – there’s a lot about her past we don’t know and we get the feeling she’s spent most of her life in a gin-soaked haze, so it’s feasible she could have a grown-up son somewhere out there. And that would make him Cain’s half-brother, which could create a very interesting dynamic.

A new male lead could also clash with the existing alpha males of the clan such as the aforementioned Cain, as well as the other strong men of the village such as Robert Sugden and Ross Barton.

But could the new arrival not be related to the Dingles at all, and just end up connected to the family in some way as part of this mysterious plot?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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