Hollyoaks: Sienna stops Joel from telling the police about Bart – what happens next?

Warren and Sienna's killer secret is safe... but for how long?


It looks like Warren Fox has got away with murder (again!) as Sienna Blake convinced Joel Dexter to keep quiet about the discovery his dad murdered Bart McQueen and buried the body in Amy Barnes’s grave. But how long will the secret be safe?


Tonight’s E4 episode picked up from yesterday’s shock cliffhanger where horrified Joel realised what Warren had done, having used the window of opportunity during Amy’s funeral to dispose of another dead body.

Conflicted by his calling, trainee priest Joel couldn’t look his father in the eye and Sienna voiced her fears to her other half he could go to the police, pointing out they could both go down if he does…

Tormented by guilt that Warren bumped off Bart thinking he was to blame for his sister Katy’s death when really it was Joel himself, Father Dexter poured his heart out to pal Cleo McQueen. Insisting he had to confess everything to the cops, Cleo urged him to stop torturing himself – unaware of what his dastardly dad did.

In a race against time, scared Sienna intercepted Joel at the police station and stopped him in his tracks. A mistress of manipulation herself, the cunning Ms Blake claimed she didn’t have a clue what Joel was about to report his father for, then played a blinder as she pushed every emotional blackmail button she could – pleading with the priest that whatever his dad’s done, he should channel his faith and forgive him and work this out “as a family”. Otherwise her unborn twins will grow up without a daddy…

Having guilt-tripped the confused clergyman about the unborn babies a treat, Sienna took Joel back to The Loft where he assured Warren his lips are sealed, before leaving the village to get his head together. Sienna calmed Warren’s worries, while Cleo wondered why Joel is doing a sudden runner and not confessing anything to the cops after all…

Where has Joel gone? How long will he be away? Can he really keep quiet or will the guilt eat him up? And will curious Cleo investigate her suspicions that Joel is hiding something and discover the deadly secret?


Hollyoaks continues weeknights on E4 at 7pm, and on Channel 4 at 6.30pm.