Emmerdale rape drama: Rhona goes to the police – but will Pierce be arrested?

Will Rhona name her husband as the man who attacked her?


A bruised and shaken Rhona has decided to go to the police after being raped by husband Pierce. Tonight’s episode of Emmerdale saw the traumatised bride escape Pierce’s clutches and head off to report the crime – although viewers have yet to see whether she finds the courage to name him as the culprit.


Tense scenes just broadcast on the ITV soap saw Pierce attempt to blame Rhona for what had happened, claiming that she goaded and taunted him. In a bid to get away, Rhona then said she wanted to take a shower, only to flee the scene when Pierce’s back was turned.


At a loss as to where she’d gone, Pierce opted to return to the wedding reception in the Woolpack where he acted as though nothing was wrong and told partygoers that Rhona was merely having a lie down. But little did he know that Rhona had found her way to the police station, where officers soon decided that she should be transferred to a sexual assault referral centre.

Back in the village, Pierce was soon letting his facade slip in private when – behind closed doors – he surveyed the damage caused during the sexual assault. At that very moment, Rhona was being seen by a team of crisis workers who photographed her bruises, bagged evidence and prepared to perform an examination.


But Emmerdale fans will now to wait until tomorrow to discover whether Rhona puts her husband in the frame and whether Pierce will find himself under arrest as a result of his actions…

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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