Coronation Street: Nathan and Bethany to get married after the sleazy salon owner proposes?

Poor Bethany looks set to fall deeper into Nathan's trap


Bethany will fall further into manipulative Nathan’s trap in next week’s Coronation Street when the sinister salon owner proposes.


The drama begins in the wake of Bethany having been coerced into sleeping with Nathan’s mate Neil – a course of action that leaves the vulnerable teen feeling confused.

The morning after the night before sees Nathan thanking Bethany for “looking after” his mate – a response that leaves her wondering what her relationship really means.

In the end, it’s Mary who spots Bethany out on the Street looking upset. But when Mary takes her into the flower shop for a chat, it isn’t long before Nathan tracks Bethany down and turns on the charm as he tries to convince her to come home.


Scenes to be shown on Wednesday 3 May then see cohort Mel telling Bethany that – prior to her wobble following the night with Neil – Nathan had been intending to propose.

A mortified Bethany starts to worry that she’s ruined her chances with Nathan, but as she apologises, it’ll soon become clear to viewers that this is just a further ploy on Nathan’s part to entrap the woman he means to sexually exploit.

As Nathan gets down on one knee, Bethany is quick to promise that she’ll do anything for him.


But those words could very well come back to haunt Bethany: by the end of next week, Neil is back on the scene, this time with another friend by the name of Ian in tow.

With the prospect of another party being raised – this time with Ian also on the guest list – Bethany struggles to mask her unease. But will she agree to attend the do? And will she be in further danger should she put in an appearance?

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