Coronation Street: Amy catches Tracy and Rob together!

Will Amy's actions inadvertently lead to Rob’s capture by the police?


Fugitive Rob Donovan may be trying to stay under the radar, but it doesn’t look like he’ll be keeping his return a secret for much longer.


An upcoming Coronation Street storyline will see Tracy decide to leave town with Amy when police attention starts to turn in the direction of the youngster in the wake of the attack of Ken.


The pair will end up in a cottage in the Peak District, while – unbeknownst to Amy – Rob hides out close by. A jittery Tracy is quick to reassure Rob that she loves him and won’t let him down – but little does she know that, back on the Street, Ken and Steve are mulling over her sudden departure, worried that she might have done a runner with Amy.

Scenes to be shown on Wednesday 3 May will then see Steve discover that Amy’s passport is missing. And when both Amy and Tracy’s phones are found at No 1, his and Ken’s worst fears are realised and they report them missing to the police.


Rob, meanwhile, meets up with a mate who advises him to ditch Tracy as he’ll have a better chance of getting out of the country. And when Rob then sees a missing persons’ appeal for Tracy and Amy on TV, it only strengthens his resolve to go it alone.


By the end of the week, Rob will be seen imploring Tracy to take Amy home and let him take his chances solo. For her part, Amy – who still doesn’t know that Rob is in the vicinity – is getting fed up of being cooped up in the cottage and sneaks out to phone Steve from a local phone box.

But a big surprise for Amy is to come when she returns to the cottage and finds her mum in Rob’s arms! When Amy then admits that she contacted her dad and told him where they’re staying, Rob freaks out, realising that the police will be on their way.


As they bundle their belongings into their car, will Rob, Amy and Tracy be able to make their escape before the police arrive? Or is this the end of the road?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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