Hollyoaks: Scott’s revenge on his long-lost mum backfires

Rejected Scott lashes out and ends up in trouble with the law next week


Scott Drinkwell’s quest to track down his biological family hits the buffers next week when he violently lashes out after being rejected by his real mum. 


In next Monday’s E4 episode, Scott excitedly prepares to meet his father. Lily is concerned her cousin could end up disappointed and offers to accompany him for moral support. Sadly, wise Lil’s fears prove correct when the planned reunion is cancelled. Confronting Greta, the woman he’d previously tracked down with links to his family, a shocking truth is revealed…

As the new spring trailer recently revealed, Greta is actually Scott’s real mum – and she tells him she never wanted to be found.

Reeling from the rejection, in Tuesday’s E4 instalment Mercedes finds the devastated Mr Drinkwell at Greta’s gaff having trashed the place. Joining him for a spot of destruction, it’s all fun and games for the pranking pair (first James’s flat, now this – is no abode in the north west safe from Mercy and Scott’s antics?) until Scott’s revenge on Greta takes a turn when he ends up causing proper damage to her house and he finds himself arrested! 

Luckily he’s released without charge, but despite Mercedes and Myra’s attempts to cheer him up Scott is severely saddened that his estranged mum wants nothing to do with him. Feeling abandoned and lonely, Scott breaks down in tears when he’s back behind closed doors… Has he missed his chance to reconnect with his relatives?


Hollyoaks continues weeknights on E4 at 7pm, and on Channel 4 at 6.30pm.