Neighbours: David fights for his life after disaster strikes at the hostel

A shock crash causes chaos in Erinsborough next week


Lives are on the line in Neighbours next week when a shock car crash causes devastation for the locals.


As teased in a recent enticing trailer, a car is set to crash through the Erinsborough Backpackers hostel, with David Tanaka ending up in hospital fighting for his life. Also at the scene of the accident is Piper Willis, who is trapped beneath the rubble and immediately tended to by boyfriend Tyler Brennan. 

What’s not clear is who causes the crash – but more clues have emerged that shed a bit more light on the upcoming carnage…

In next Monday’s episode, Amy Williams is in pieces as she struggles with her feelings towards Leo. Trying to suppress her attraction to the guy she now knows is her long-lost half-brother is tearing her apart, and when she sees him getting flirty with someone else she hits an all-time low. 

Meanwhile, there’s more romantic traumas for Leo’s twin brother David, who tries to get over his recent rejection from Aaron Brennan by taking his advice and getting back on the dating scene, beginning by pursuing one of the backpackers. But it doesn’t go to plan…

Neighbours have confirmed the vehicle involved in the crash is Amy’s ute – but is she the one driving it? Will her heartbreak over Leo end in disaster? Or is Aaron somehow involved, meaning it’s his fault that David ends up with life-threatening injuries? Of course someone else entirely could be to blame… 


Don’t miss Neighbours’ exciting disaster episode on Monday 1 May showing on Channel 5 at 1.45pm and 5.30pm.