Meet the Islanders on series 4 of the Island with Bear Grylls

Get to know the islanders featuring on the fourth series of the Bafta winning survival show




Ben Cooper

Age: 29

Occupation: Electrician from London

Ben lacks no confidence, having previously declared that he will ‘eat the island for breakfast’.  Having worked from the age of 15, Ben hopes that his strong work ethic and good practical skills will help him in the camp.

On The Island, Ben immediately assumes leadership of the group, offering to ‘go out front first’ and lead his team through the jungle, in the hope of finding a beach to camp on. An interesting role to take for the 29-year-old, who proclaims himself to be ‘like Peter Pan’, in that he plans to ‘never grow up’, and also refers to himself as ‘the man, numero uno.’

It doesn’t take long for tensions to arise within the younger group however, as Ben refers to his teammates as ‘inbreds’ when someone leaves a jerry can behind. After 4 hours of aimlessly trekking through the jungle, Ben doesn’t deal well when young Freddie, 18, decides to take charge of leading the group; Ben is left red-faced when Freddie successfully finds them a fresh-water source as well as a beach to camp on.

All in all, Ben doesn’t make a great impression on the group is the first few days; described by numerous teammates as ‘rude’, ‘confrontational’ and with a ‘big ego’, he doesn’t help relations when he bends the drill needed to help build a fire – vital if they are to have clean water to drink.

It appears there may be hope for Ben yet, however. After managing to start a fire – having confidently declared ‘when I say I’m doing something, I’m doing it’ – and catching a large enough fish to make the whole group a meal, attitudes towards Ben in the camp appear to be changing. 

Freddie Wilson

Age: 18

Occupation: Gap year student from Argyll

The youngest islander ever, Freddie immediately proves his worth to the team by helping them find fresh water and a suitable campsite. Having grown up on a farm in the Scottish Highlands, Freddie hopes his experiences working outdoors, as well as his unfailingly positive attitude, will make him an asset to the team. 

Kaggy Burn

Age: 23

Occupation: Events Manager from Swindon

Easy-going Kaggy is excited to get away from technology and experience a challenge like none she has ever encountered before on The Island. ‘I’m more capable than people think I am’ the 23-year-old insists, ‘I want to prove that to other people and myself.’

Jordan Turner

Age: 23

Occupation: Graduate from Hertfordshire


A religious watcher of The Island with Bear Grylls, and holding a Masters in Oceanography, it’s clear that Jordan is a lover of the outdoors. After failing to find a job after graduating, Jordan hopes the challenge of The Island will help her ‘get my confidence back’ and ‘find some direction in life.’