Emmerdale: Adam and Victoria split up – here’s what happens next week

Adam is set to lock lips with another villager in the wake of his break up


Adam Barton has called time on his marriage to wife Victoria in tonight’s Emmerdale following his discovery that he cannot have children.


This week’s episodes of the ITV soap have seen Adam left reeling after finding out – thanks to private fertility tests – that his sperm count is zero.

Now, Adam has realised that he’ll never be able to accept a child conceived through a sperm donor as his own. Nor does he want to go down the route of adopting a baby.

Knowing how important it is to Victoria that she have children, Adam decided that it was best they split up, despite her protestations that he stay.

In soapland, marriage break-ups are, of course, only ever the start of the drama and next week’s Emmerdale sees events take a surprising turn.

Upcoming episodes will see Victoria return Adam’s belongings to him when it looks like he really has given up on their relationship Unhappy about this state of affairs, Adam then seeks solace with Vanessa and the pair spend the evening drinking and video games.

But when Adam leans in for a kiss, could they both be left feeling very regretful? And will they keep what’s happened a secret from Victoria?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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