Keira Knightley makes surprise return to Pirates of The Caribbean in new trailer

Elizabeth Turner is back in action – but will she sail the seas again?


When last we saw Keira Knightley’s Elizabeth Turner she was standing on a cliff top waiting for her beloved Will (Orlando Bloom) to pay a brief visit to shore, and now it looks as though we’ll be seeing her once more in upcoming Pirates of The Caribbean film Salazar’s Revenge.


A new international trailer for the film – which is called Dead Men Tell No Tales in other territories – gives us the briefest glimpse of the aristocrat’s daughter-turned-seafaring force of nature, whom fans had hoped would one day return to the franchise. 

Now, we know Bloom returns as Will in the new film, and we know that Brenton Thwaites stars as his fully grown son, Henry, but Knightley’s role is still unclear.


Will she feature in a flashback? Or are the Turners set for a family reunion? We’ll find out when the latest film in the franchise opens in UK cinemas on May 26th.