Hollyoaks: Harry causes chaos for Ste in court next week

Can he help clear his boyfriend's name, or has he made things worse?


Hollyoaks’ Ste Hay is in court next week as he prepares to deliver his plea having been charged with the murder of Amy Barnes – but boyfriend Harry Thompson’s attempts at helping him threaten to backfire.


Ste is convinced he killed his ex, as on the night the mother of his kids was found dead he had a blackout and can’t remember where he was. But the fact he found himself back at home with a cut on his hand covered in blood having lost a few hours doesn’t look good…

In next Tuesday’s E4 episode, Tony Hutchinson is worried about son Harry’s obsession with clearing his other half’s name, so Tone visits Ste in prison. Begging him to break up with Harry for fear that he’ll ruin his future (he’s already failing uni as he devotes every waking moment to saving Ste), it’s emotional for the friends as they face the horrific possibility that Ste did actually do Amy in, and could go down for it. 


But Harry is sure of Ste’s innocence, and on Wednesday he attends the sentencing in court and creates a diversion to delay proceedings. Pleading with lawyer James Nightingale to get some time alone with Ste so he can talk to him, Tony fears his son has just made things a whole lot worse – but how will Ste plead to the charge of murder?


By the end of the week Harry is still a man on a mission, much to James’s annoyance, and the tenacious Mr Thompson puts up pictures round the village of the night Amy died hoping it will bring forward some new witnesses with evidence that could exonerate Ste.


When the pictures are taken down Harry blames Ryan, accusing him of trying to fit Ste up for the crime – but perhaps Ryan himself is guilty of murder? However, someone else appears to have something to hide – could we be getting another big clue in the ‘who killed Amy?’ mystery?


Hollyoaks continues weeknights on E4 at 7pm, and on Channel 4 at 6.30pm.