Viewers loved how “scary” Doctor Who series 10’s opening episode was

Just don't go jumping in puddles...


Doctor Who series 10 episode 1 was a triumphant return and a great beginning for new companion Pearl Mackie.


It was also bloody scary.

From ominously dripping water to a possessed puddle girl via a genuinely terrifying shower scene, this was a Doctor Who episode that called for a big pillow and a brave heart. 

But that’s OK, because as any behind-the-sofa sci-fi fan knows, Doctor Who is meant to be scary.

And, thanks to showrunner Steven Moffat, we now have a new fear to add to our growing list.

The stand-out scene feature new companion Bill (Pearl Mackie) return to what she thought was her empty flat and hear water running from the bathroom.

Wet footsteps led from the bath to the shower, and when Bill looked down the plughole…

Admit it, you were watching through your fingers at that point, weren’t you?

Not bad from the man voted the scariest writer in Doctor Who history. Moffat is clearly finishing as he started – and once we’ve crept back out from behind the sofa, we’ll thank him for it.


Doctor Who series 10 continues next Saturday at 7.20pm on BBC1

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