Hollyoaks: Jamie Lomas interview – “Warren thought killing Bart would make him feel better”

The star reveals the aftermath of this week’s shock murder – and where they’re going to hide the body…


Hollyoaks fans are reeling from the shock death of Bart McQueen, murdered by Warren Fox in retaliation for Bart’s part in Warren’s sister Katy’s death – except Warren doesn’t realise it wasn’t Bart who actually killed Katy, it was Foxy’s son, Joel…


With that particular bombshell presumably set to explode later down the line, Warren now faces the pressing task of hiding Bart’s body. Aided by pregnant girlfriend Sienna, the village villain planned to keep the corpse concealed in Cindy’s old flat – only to discover the place has new tenants! It looks like Warren is going to be busy this Bank Holiday weekend, as actor Jamie Lomas tells us…

“Warren has killed Bart in the heat of the moment, and needs somewhere to put the body and hides it in the flat next door believing it to be empty. But as he and Sienna are moving the body again, Sally St Clair and Neeta Kaur turn up to move into their new home! Luckily though, he hides Bart in the attic, but he’s going to have to find a way of getting the body out of there…”

Inviting their new neighbours to Warren’s birthday party in tonight’s E4 episode, Sally hurts her back and is prescribed a week of bedrest – which is going to make sneaking in to move a dead body pretty difficult. But what drove Warren to bump off Bart in the first place, having promised Sienna he’d drop his vendetta?

“He saw Bart get arrested in the village, and convinced James to get him out on bail as Warren wanted to punish Bart in his own way. But Warren then promised Sienna he wouldn’t go after him – however, when Bart turned up on his doorstep, Warren just saw red and killed him!”

Next week, Warren insinuates himself back in the flat on the pretence of fixing a non-existent leak in the attic, but is spooked when he sees Bart again. It’s not as if Warren’s hasn’t killed before, so why has this one hit him so hard?

“Because he has the twins on the way with Sienna. He changed a little in prison and he thought killing Bart would make him feel better and get justice for Katy, but it didn’t. The pain and hurt is still there from losing her.”

Getting Warren together with Sienna Blake has been a stroke of genius on the part of Hollyoaks’ writers, as two of the most dangerous and charismatic individuals in the village is an enticing idea on paper – and Lomas and co-star Anna Passey’s chemistry, along with some suitably high-octane storylines, makes the couple crackle on screen. So what part will Sienna play in the coming weeks as the pair face up to the consequences of Warren’s actions?

“Warren decides he’s going to hand himself into the police but Sienna stops him – she doesn’t want to be left on her own with the twins so she ends up helping him move the body. They’re in it together now.

“He’s really excited about the twins,” continues Lomas. “A family is all he has ever wanted and now he feels like it’s his second chance. Although he did go to James about getting custody, it was only because he didn’t fully trust Sienna after everything that happened with Joel.

“Personally, I think with Warren and Sienna as parents those twins probably don’t stand much of a chance! They both make very bad choices, but it seems like they want to do right by their children this time around.”

The other important relationship in Warren’s world is the one with son Joel, the trainee priest who is finally back in his dad’s life after years of estrangement – and who Warren has no idea was actually responsible for Katy’s death…

“Joel is the only family he has after losing his sister, so it’s important to have him around and make up for the wrongs.

“But it’s Joel’s lie that has made Warren kill Bart. Joel is a man of the cloth and they’ve only just reconnected, so if Joel found out about Bart it would potentially drive Warren’s son away again.

“Saying that, if Warren found out the truth about Joel killing Katy it would shatter his world.

“I would hope Joel had left the village by the time Warren found out because I don’t know what he’d do…”


Hollyoaks continues weeknights on E4 at 7pm, and on Channel 4 at 6.30pm