Coronation Street: Michelle kisses Robert

The couple make it official with a shock PDA on the cobbles


Michelle Connor and Robert Preston just had a very public kiss in Coronation Street, effectively putting the final nail in the coffin for Michelle’s marriage to Steve and starting a new Weatherfield romance.


In the first of tonight’s double bill, Steve begged wife Michelle to attend a marriage counselling session with him later that afternoon – and she appeared to be thinking about it. 

Opening her heart to pal Robert when he called round to offer her a job at the bistro, Michelle confessed Steve had got in her head and she was seriously considering giving their relationship another go – despite her hurt at her husband’s betrayal by getting neighbour Leanne Battersby secretly pregnant and saying nothing when his and Michelle’s son Ruairi tragically died as a result of early miscarriage. Robert buried his own feelings for the barmaid and told her she should do whatever makes her happy…

Michelle watched Steve set off for the appointment, and fans were left wondering whether she’d follow him – but the next time we saw Steve he was back at the Rovers forlornly revealing to Liz that ‘Chelle was a no-show.

Michelle then cornered Robert in the street and asked him why he cares so much about her happiness: “You know why…” he trembled. “I need to hear you say it,” urged Michelle as the sexual tension between them threatened to heat several hot pots. 

As Robert declared his love for Michelle, the couple kissed passionately in full view of any passing gossips (where’s Norris when you need him?).

Does this mean Michelle has made her choice once and for all? How will Steve react? 

Coronation Street continues on ITV at 8.30pm.

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