Coronation Street star Sam Robertson thinks his own character Adam pushed Ken – “He’s the firm favourite”

Do you agree with the actor's assessment of the big Barlow whodunnit?


Adam looks set to be the next Barlow in the frame when it comes to the crime of attempting to kill patriarch Ken. Thanks to a tip-off from Amy, next week’s episodes of Coronation Street will see Adam taken in for questioning when the police discover his fingerprints on the kitchen worktops at Number One that were only fitted on the day that Ken was pushed. So is Adam guilty? Actor Sam Robertson gives us his view:


So, Sam – would you be suspicious of him if you were a viewer?
Most definitely – he’s shifty and aggrieved, so he probably has the biggest motive. He was disowned and he has a lot to be angry about.

How are relations within the Barlow family? Are they united or turning against one another?
They’re all suspicious of each other – no one knows who to trust or who to believe. There’s only one person thought to have done it, but then again, they could have had an accomplice. Everyone in the family who hasn’t done it suspects everyone else.

If it means saving his own skin, will Adam care if a member of his own family goes down for the crime?
If Adam is the culprit and someone else looked like they were going to be blamed, It would depend on who that person is. He would take the hit for Amy, but he wouldn’t take it for Tracy. I don’t think he would do it for Daniel either, but he might do it for Peter. It’ll be interesting to see how that pans out.


What goes through Adam’s mind when he’s arrested?
He’s quite casual in the interview room because he feels that there’s not sufficient evidence to pin it on him. He’s a trained lawyer, so he’s clever and knows what’s required to avoid prosecution. He has a bit more guile about him. He is a duplicitous fellow – he’s either being really clever or hes guilty.

How is Adam likely to cope if he’s found and guilty and sent to prison?
He wouldn’t enjoy it much – he wouldn’t like the lack of home comforts. I had to do a scene in the police cell and that was bad enough – I don’t want to be doing too many of them! He likes the nicer things in life.

Adam is usually so cocky – so, has it be interesting to see the shoe on the other foot after he’s arrested?
It’s good to start to formulate a more three dimensional character. When he was being established, it was important to see the arrogance and the self assured air he had. But I believe a lot of that is him covering up his insecurities and that’s what is coming out now. He is a damaged guy, so it’s a protective front.


What has this story been like to film in terms of the secrecy surrounding it? Have you all been in the dark over who the culprit is?
I’m still in the dark – it was weird at first playing something and none of us knowing. I did wonder about whether I should ask if Adam is the culprit. But then I decided it was better to play not knowing – I rolled with it and it’s been interesting. We will know before the viewers, but I don’t know now.


If you don’t know who the culprit is, who is your money on?
I don’t know, but if we could bet on it, I still think Adam is the firm favourite.

Do you think the audience will be surprised by the outcome?
I’m hoping it’s kept a secret and that they’ll be able to watch it unfold on screen. I’m looking forward to getting those scripts.

Can you tease what the long-term consequences are for the Barlow family?
That’s a good question – there is a lot of damage. One person has done it, that may or may not be a member of the family, but the whole investigation has opened up some really old wounds and it’s hard to see how they can all come back together. It will take a lot to repair, what with everyone is sniping at each other.

Adam has come back to the Street under the pretence that he’s part of a happy family and he wanted to feel safe and secure, but he’s come back to this madness. The Barlows are very ready to want to believe it is Adam. So if it turns out not to be, the damage has been done anyway.

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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